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A true Russian classic comes to life in this beautifully illustrated, interactive iPad app, Tsar Saltan.

This lovely eBook uses the text of Alexander Pushkin’s 19th century classic poem “The Tale of Tsar Saltan” and some of the best features of digitization to create a truly magical reading experience for your child.

Top Features

As classics go, Pushkin is tops in Russian fairy tale literature. The classic poem is presented in its popular English translation in this beautiful eBook. It’s a great way to expose your child to a classic story from another culture.

Some of my favorite things about this app include:

• Forty-five pages of high quality original art.
• Pages with integrated soundboards, animation and accelerometer response.
• Delightful touch-responsive interactive features on most pages.
• Option to record custom audio for each page of the book.
• Optional Russian language version included.

Get It While It’s Hot

During an introductory period you can download the Tsar Saltan iPad eBook app for $3.99. That’s 50 percent off the regular price.

Not only is this much cheaper than buying a book, it’s more convenient and eco-friendly to introduce your child to the classics on your iPad. Not to mention, it’s much lighter to carry around an iPad than it is to lug around a classic story book.

Room For Improvement

The only problem I had with the Tsar Saltan iPad app was with the user interface. Instead of using a standard page flip design, this app requires you to use two fingers at a time to turn a page.

This feature did not always work correctly. Oftentimes it flipped me back to the prior page instead of taking me forward.

The two finger design does make sense, especially with all the fun interactive options on each page. Otherwise it would be way too easy to turn a page when all you meant to do was interact.

I suggest using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen. They are much more user friendly, but not as fun as flicking your finger across the screen to see a page turn.
Tsar Saltan is an extremely high quality eBook, with gorgeous art work and a unique classic subject. Looking forward to more titles in this series!

It is a book with interactive illustrations, animation and sounds. This tale was written by Russian famous classic author Alexander Pushkin in the beginning of 19 century and that’s why the app is styled under vintage book style.

There are some hidden interactive features in illustrations, and also one can record the book in his/her own voice. Also one can switch to the original Russian version of text.