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  • Water Cycles
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Water Cycles is an overall great educational app that is interactive, challenging and fun for parents and children!

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Water Cycles is an awesome puzzle app that teaches children about how water cycles run through cities, towns, farms, factories, etc. This hands-on app is quite a challenge as players create correct waterways that send clean water to the appropriate places while cleaning the dirty water as well. There is an additional activity that allows children to draw their own map that they can use to challenge parents or friends. With so many puzzles to play with and many more created each day, this app offers hours of challenging, educational play that is great for home or the classroom.

Features include:

  • 150 Puzzles
  • 6 Difficulty levels
  • Map editor


There is no doubt a lot of time and effort went into this app and every single image and animated piece of this app is very well done. The audio consists of water noises, quiet music, thunderstorm sounds and many more that really help to bring the app to life. There are so many intricate pieces that include arrows for children to use throughout the puzzles and the developers have really done an amazing job creating an app that is easy to use considering all the moving parts. They have included simple instruction windows that pop up when children first use the app so they understand how to manipulate the pieces as well as learn about the concept of the app. Overall, Water Cycles is a very high quality app for kids.


Children are going to learn a lot about the importance of water and how water moves throughout the world for us to use it. In addition to correctly laying the puzzle pieces so the clean water moves through the cities and is cleaned appropriately before returning to the ocean, the developers have included some great information about what a water cycle is and how water should flow through our city as well as explanations for what evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff, and infiltration are. There is no doubt children will learn a lot with this app as the puzzles can be quite challenging. Overall this is a great educational app that can be used in the classroom or at home.


In addition to the puzzles, children have the option to create their very own map that they can use to challenge friends and parents which can be a lot of fun. Players who love a good challenge are really going to love this app because there are 150 puzzles across 6 difficulty levels that can be unlocked. In order to unlock the other levels, players must collect a set number of stars which isn’t easy to do. Each time they complete a puzzle they receive a star rating based on the ration of dirty and clean water in the various areas of the puzzle. This can result in children redoing each puzzle a few times to get the maximum number of stars possible to move forward. For kids that enjoy puzzles and like to beat their best score, this is a highly entertaining app! Parents and teachers beware, this app might challenge you too!


Priced at just under two dollars this app is a steal! With so many puzzles to explore and various levels to unlock not to mention the educational material at the beginning of the app, there is so much to learn and explore. Children are likely to keep this app for quite some time as they continue to challenge themselves. A great app at an even better price!

Child Friendliness

Water Cycles is very easy to use as far as the user interface is concerned. Players can simply tap and touch the pieces to rotate and drag them into the appropriate place. The overall interface is fairly intuitive and the developers have included some instructions and helpful hints to help children as they play which is nice.

Parents will want to know that the main page offers an information button and a settings button that are not protected. The information button does have a social media link as well as a link to the developer website that is not protected. For some parents this is a deal breaker, however once you are past the main page and in the actual app, there are buttons that lead back to that area. It is also good to note that there are not any additional advertisements or in app purchases to be concerned with. I must admit it is a little disappointing to see such a great ids app with an unprotected social media link.

Water Cycles is an overall great educational app that is interactive, challenging and fun for parents and children!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars