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  • Why Bath Time
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Why Bath Time is a cute storybook app that teaches children not only the importance of bath time, but also how to stay clean, healthy, and germ-free.

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Why Bath Time is a cute storybook app that helps to explain why we need to take baths and teaches children about germs in a fun way. With a simple explanation that is easy to understand, great illustrations, and narration throughout, this app is great to share with children especially if they are not a fan of bath time.

Features include:

  • Narration
  • Great illustrations
  • English & French options


Why Bath Time is a cute storybook app that is full of fun images, interactive illustrations, and sound effects that will keep children engaged as they read. The narration option allows children to tap each dialogue bubble in order to activate the narration feature which is a bit different than some of the other storybook apps on the market. The simple interactive pieces are indicated with red arrows so children know what to do to bring the image to life. Overall the quality is very good and provides fun features to keep children engaged.


Some of my favorite storybook apps are those that help children better understand a specific concept and this app does just that. For children that may wonder why they need to take a bath everyday and simply don’t understand the reasoning behind it, this storybook app easily explains not only why we need to take a bath, but the various ways people and animals do just that. It also explains that even when you don’t look dirty or smell, there are germs that need to be washed off in order to keep us healthy. The explanation is easy to understand and put in a fun context which is great for young readers.

One thing that I would like to see is an option for text highlighting and a way for the narration to run smoothly without the reading having to tap each dialogue bubble in order to hear the story in narration mode. Doing so would help with the flow of the app and allow children to easily follow along and work on their reading skills.


While there aren’t any additional activities within the story, it does include some simple interactive pieces within each page that help bring the story to life to keep children engaged. There is also a little green frog that seems to appear quite a bit throughout the story and creating a sort of search and find with this could add a bit more entertainment value to the story and create an additional activity within the story. Adding a little quiz or game to test what children have learned might also be an option to enhance the entertainment value a bit.


Priced at just under one dollar, this app is a great value. Parents will appreciate the price and the educational value that this story provides without breaking the bank. Even without the text highlighting feature and additional activities, this story is still a good value.

Child Friendliness

Because this app is a little different in how it is set up with the narration option, it can be a little challenging to use for some children. There is a indicator that pops up on the dialogue bubble that should be read next, however young children may find it challenging to tap them in the appropriate order. The developers have also included arrows through out to indicate interactive pieces of the images which is very helpful and easy to use. The arrows at the bottom of each page are a little transparent and can be hard to see to move to the next page. Adding another option of swiping to the next page might help as children tend to get used to that function with many other apps.

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Why Bath Time is a cute storybook app that teaches children not only the importance of bath time, but also how to stay clean, healthy, and germ-free.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars