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Wonder Bunny Math Race App Review

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Price: $7.99


Wonder Bunny Math Race is a comprehensive math computation practice app that will excite and entertain children for hours.  Its arcade-style racing action and point system will occupy the children’s attention so fully that they will hardly even notice they are building vital skills such as speed and fluency as they add and subtract.

Features include:

  • Customizable characters and crazy modes of transportation
  • Thousands of math problems
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Gradual increase in difficulty level up to numbers to 100
  • Progress report


This is a high-quality app that will occupy kids for hours and through many sessions. The app is intuitive to use, colorful and entertaining. Developers have covered all the bases-it is responsive and thorough. It might be nice to have a bit more detail about the educational underpinnings in the Parents’ Section, but certainly not necessary for parents to see the value of the game nor for kids to enjoy it.


Wonder Bunny Math Race: 1st Grade provides exactly what is promised-a comprehensive practice system for addition and subtraction suitable for children who are beginning math studies.  Nearly every child needs a healthy dose of drill and practice on basic math computation combinations, like 8 + 9 and 2 – 1. The design of this game encourages kids to build speed and accuracy, but does not demand that they answer fast if their skills are not yet to that level. The problems start out simple and gradually become more difficult as subtraction is introduced, then mixed operations, and as the problems get progressively more difficult.

The game is controlled by a map showing each level. Players are free to skip around if they wish or to start with a more complex level if they don’t need to review sums and differences to nine. The various activities are also accessible from the Progress Report page, as well, so it would be easy to tell which level needed more work and send the child back to it. The actual game play involves racing to “hurdles” that can only be jumped by tapping the correct answer to the given problem. The faster the problems are solved, the faster the bunny moves, allowing him to eventually beat his opponent.

In addition to the main path on the map that travels from adding sums to nine all the way up to adding and subtracting up to 100, there is one brief side trip available into telling time. Activities alternate between setting clock hands and reading clock hands to the correct half hour. An easy-to-access progress report will clue adult mentors in to strengths and weaknesses, and even allow direct access to troublesome levels that need review. The progress report does need a way to be reset, however, in case multiple players need to use it or if a child should start over again for whatever reason.


This game will appeal to youngsters with its racing format. Most children love to do things faster and faster, and in the case of learning addition and subtraction facts, that’s a great thing! Speed and fluency with these problems will enhance their learning of more complex concepts in future lessons.

In addition to the sheer joy of speeding along as fast as you can, this app offers many other incentives to play that most children will love. The backstory, which is available for reading when the app is first opened and also from the home page, tells about a group of bullying bunnies who have taken over our hero’s hometown. They have stolen carrots and generally caused mayhem, so it’s up the main character to win the races to run them out again. Along each race track, children can pick up some of the missing carrots if they have sharp eyes and quick fingers, then the carrots can be traded for “fun stuff” such as fancy modes of transportation for the next race, such as a magic carpet, helicopter ears or a rocket. Carrots also can purchase decorations or clothing items, as well.  Bunnies can also be customized (for free or for carrots) to be a specific gender, color, and more. Name the bunny, and it’s ready to race.


This game’s $7.99 price tag may give pause to some, but it is quite likely to have staying power for the length of time that most students need to practice this level of addition and subtraction. It is a reasonably good value, especially if you have multiple children who will play or if your student needs a good deal of extra practice to memorize the important math facts or to practice addition and subtraction at this level.

Child Friendliness

This app is child-friendly, but it does always start out with a screen enticing users to try other apps from the same developer (with a parent gate). There is also an occasional ratings pop-up during game play.

  • Protected parent area (can contain external links & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES “more apps” (protected, but visible)
  • YES “rate app” pop-up
Wonder Bunny Math Race: 1st Grade Kids Advanced Learning App for Numbers, Addition and Subtraction
Wonder Bunny Math Race
Wonder Bunny Math Race: 1st Grade Kids Advanced Learning App for Numbers, Addition and Subtraction offers a creative and entertaining way for children to practice first-grade addition and subtraction skills while having lots of fun.
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