About Us

Lesley started this blog in 2012 to help parents find the best apps for kids. Whether you have an iPhone, Android phone or iPad. She found that kids take to apps like a duck to water. Her kids spent hours on the phone and used apps to pass the time, to learn and to explore the world in new ways. There are simply so many great apps for kids out there, that she wanted to share them with other parents.

Since then technology has evolved even further and much faster. There are so many options for parents and their kids that sorting through them and finding the gems is a full time job. Whether it is finding educational Youtube channels or keeping your kids safe while browsing online, we have you covered. At Best Apps for Kids our goal is to help you find the best selling, most popular and highest rated kids apps and websites – no matter what category they might fall into! Get in-depth ratings, reviews, and buying advice for must-have children’s apps based on rigorous expert testing.

Best Apps for Kids is part of the A07 Online Media parenting community, a group of niche sites that focus on different challenges that parents face. Check out our other sites and hopefully you can find some more great tips on this journey that is raising children.

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Best Apps for Kids Team