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Developers and companies looking to get apps reviewed have a tough time when apps are designed for children. App reviews don’t happen by themselves and that can be frustrating. Parents download apps for their kids and then never find the time to write reviews on the app store. Not surprising really, especially if you’ve ever met a parent with kids. Who has the time to go out of their way to write a review for a kids app? Nobody. That’s why we created BestAppsforKids as a way to provide free app reviews of children’s apps and then recommend our favorites to parents and educators all over the world.

Families, teachers, and parents turn to our team of moms and teachers for unbiased information and trusted advice on the best apps and educational resources for their children. We have a team of app reviewers who specialize in giving apps a run for their money and then writing unbiased and real reviews which they share with our thousands of readers.

If you have built an amazing kids app and want it reviewed by parents or teachers, this is the page for you. iPhone, iPad and Android developers who would like to see your awesome kid-focused app reviewed by real parents have relied on us for years. We are here to help. If you have a kids app, forget slogging through the entire internet and paying for fake reviews or hoping that people will review your app on their own. You can get real reviews from real parents right here. Submit your details below.

How To Request An App Review

If you’re interested in getting your app reviewed by tech-savvy moms and educators, then we’re here to help and we have made it really easy. With thousands of app review submissions over the years, we’ve optimized the flow to make it seamless for app developers.

Simply fill out the form below and we handle the rest. We ask for some basic information about your app and your company and that is about it. Simple. In addition to offering to review your app, we also provide real feedback you can use to improve your app and take it to the next level.

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App Review & Promotions Designed to Maximize Exposure to Engaged Parents

In July 2017 we decided to stop offering free app reviews. There are several reasons why. First, our readers said they didn’t have time to read about hundreds of apps, they wanted fewer reviews that were more in depth. Second, in we have found that the sheer number of apps coming to us for review had skyrocketed to almost 100 a week and the quality had dropped a lot. Third, we decided we wanted to focus on maximizing app downloads for fewer, more invested app developers rather than work with everybody.

So, we now have a few simple packages that bundle a professional app review with promotion elements designed to drive downloads and awareness for your apps. We are focused on getting your app in front of thousands of moms and by only working on a paid basis, we eliminate your app from competing with people who just want a free review.

We want to work only with developers who are serious about reaching moms and making a real impact in kids live, whether through creative play or education. If you cannot commit a small fee to have a real mom or professional educator review your app then this may not be the best site for you. If you are willing to make an investment in getting a high-quality review and then maximizing the number of parents who see your app then we are an amazing partner and platform.

App Review & Promotion Options

Professional App Reviews Package (Great Deal)

Our professional app review is a thorough review of your application performed by a real mom or teacher. We download the app, use it, try it with kids and then write a detailed review of the app. We’ll review your app, with a full write up within 14 days. Price $129

Please note, paying for a professional review does not mean you get a good review. Our editors maintain full editorial control.

Professional App Review + Promotion Package (Most Popular)

Perfect for those looking to get exposure on a modest budget. This package bundles a professional app review with promotional elements designed to drive downloads and awareness. In addition to your professional review, we will promote your app for an entire month (up to 15 times) across all our social media channels where we have an engaged audience of moms. We also offer a custom coupon for 50% OFF discount on any of our banner advertising plans, just ask!. Price $399