Being a parent is hardly the easiest thing in the world, and with good reason! Thankfully there’s lots of little tips and tricks to make your job a bit less hectic so you can focus on what’s most important: your kids. Check out some of the most unusual parenting hacks around to help you get through each day without too many disasters:


Baby Stroller Scooter

Invest in a baby stroller that’s also….wait for it….a scooter! This not only makes park time more fun, it also helps you work your calf muscles and get that much-needed exercise. Make sure baby is strapped in snugly, and go for it!

“Pocket” Gloves

Buy or make gloves that feature pockets for little hands. This helps both of you keep your hands warm while outdoors in frigid temperatures and ensures your child stays with you at all times. Besides, it just looks so cute!

Sweeper Onesie

Purchase onesies that feature “sweepers” on their legs and stomachs. Yes, it’s a bit odd, but it’s also a way to keep hardwood and linoleum floors clean when your baby is crawling about!

Faux Controllers

Does your partner love playing video games? Make faux controllers for the toddlers and other young ones in your home so game time becomes family time.

Indoor Hammock

Create a cozy indoor hammock for your child using a table and bed sheet. It’s great for play as well as naps.

Box Fan Bed Fort

Use a box fan to create one heck of a bed fort! The fan allows the sheets to stay up for hours of fun.

Cupcake Paper Popsicle Protection

Pierce the stick part of a popsicle with a cupcake paper before giving it to your child. This protects their hands from stickiness when the frozen treat starts to melt.

Animal Toothpaste Dispensers

Add a fun plastic animal head dispenser to your child’s toothpaste tube to encourage twice-daily brushing. The sooner they start a dental care routine, the better!

Cardboard Box Slide

Use a thick, sturdy cardboard box to make a stair slide. Just put a pile of pillows at the bottom of the staircase so kiddies don’t hurt themselves!

Monster Spray

Make a special “monster spray” that keeps all bedroom monsters, ghouls, and goblins out of your child’s room. Use water and an essential oil for scent, such as lavender, and spray the room each night before your child goes to sleep. They’ll love you even more for taking care of their monster problem!

What are your favorite parenting hacks?