Think toddlers are too little to help around the house? Think again! There’s actually quite a few chores toddlers can easily manage on their own, which not only helps you, but also fosters a sense of responsibility and emphasizes the importance of tidiness. Check out a few of the many chores to give your toddlers and enjoy the extra few minutes of free time!


Pick Up Toys

Since it’s your toddler making a mess in the playroom, bedroom, living room, den, etc., why not teach them to pick up after themselves? Make it easy for them by providing plastic bins and other toy crates, and enjoy not stabbing yourself in the foot with an action figure.

Feed Kitties and Doggies

Does your home include a resident four-legged friend? Allow your toddler to feed it. Show him or her that one scoop or so of food is all that’s necessary, and see if they don’t delight in taking part of Fluffy or Fido’s care. It may even help the relationship between your toddler and your pet, as the animal will begin associating the child with food instead of tail pulls.

Make The Bed

Making the bed is something your toddler will be doing for the rest of his or her life, so why not get started now? Show the little ‘un how to straighten pillows and pull blankets over said pillows.

Pick Up Laundry, Etc.

Teaching your toddler to pick up dirty laundry and put it in the hamper is a beautiful thing, as is teaching him or her to fold and put away laundry. Emphasize that helping out is fun, and start with easy folding tasks, such as folding socks, underwear, and small towels.

Clean Up Spills

Showing your toddler how to clean up spills is quite fantastic, especially since little kids are the cause of most spills! Show them how to sop up the spill with a clean towel or paper towel, and that wiping the mess with a damp cloth is also necessary to avoid stickiness.

Wash Produce

Need help cooking? Situate your toddler next to the kitchen sink so he or she can wash produce! Your little one will love being part of the cooking process, and it’s yet another chore that makes your life easier.

These are just a few ideas for getting your toddler in on the cleaning action!

What are your favorite toddler chores? Share them in the comments section!