Are your kids all about cars? Rather than buying them every new toy racecar or similar toy that comes out, check out a few fun activities to try with items they already have. You’ll provide hours of fun for little ones while you do whatever else you need to do around the house that day!

Check out a few of our favorites:


Indoor Racetrack

Create a serious indoor racetrack using….wait for it…masking tape! This common household item allows you to “build” a racetrack that can go all over your house if you want, including on furniture and up stairs. Ensure the tape comes off whatever you’re sticking it to, and be sure to have “Start” and “End” sections. They’ll love discovering where the track goes!

Obstacle Track

Use magnetic blocks on baking sheets and create fun obstacle tracks for little ones’ toy cars. This activity is also an opportunity to teach them a little about magnets.


Give your kids paint and paper and have them use their toy cars to create works of art! Be sure to hang their finished works on your refrigerator. It’s also recommended you find the least-toxic paint available…anything marked “kid-friendly” is a great place to start. Another art idea is to provide washable paint so kids can decorate their toy cars in a variety of hues.

Car Ramp

Use books to build car ramps around your home. Create ramps in conjunction with your indoor race track, or make it a separate activity. Either way, kids will love watching their toy cars slide down books!

Parking Garage

Make a parking garage for your kids’ toy cars using manilla folders. Again, the garage may be used in conjunction with your indoor racetrack or ramps for extra fun.

Car Wash

Craft a “car wash” for toy cars using shaving cream and a baking sheet. Hide toy cars within the foam and have your kids try to find them. Provide spray water bottles and old toothbrushes so kids can “wash” their cars.

Bubble Bath

Fill a pan or tray with warm, soapy water and create a bubble bath for your kids’ cars. Use this game for plastic toy animals as well, and provide a scoop or sponge to heighten the fun.

Try these and other fun car toy-related ideas to entertain your children!

What are your favorite car toy activities? Share them in the comments section!