Outstanding Kids’ Sleepover Ideas: Make Your Next One ROCK

Want to ensure your child’s sleepover is one kids will be talking about for weeks? Talk to your little ‘un about what he or she wants in regards to snacks and activities, and utilize the following ideas, whether putting them into actual practice or as sources of inspiration:


Game Ideas

Classic board games are always fun, and usually appeal to slightly older children. Think Candy Lane, Clue, Monopoly, The Game of Life, and anything else kiddies like. Other game ideas that appeal to younger children include balloon games, such as releasing a bunch of balloons into the air and preventing them from touching the ground. Other game ideas include flashlight hide and seek. Play the game indoors or out, and give the seekers flashlights so they might find those hiding more easily. It’s a fun, heart-pounding game that will tire kids out so they don’t stay up all night long.

If the kids want to play more outdoor games, try Ghost in the Graveyard or other elaborate forms of tag.

Craft Ideas

The internet is chock-full of spectacular craft ideas, while craft and home good stores offer all kinds of glittery kits to choose from. If you know the kids will want to make jewelry, purchase jewelry kits from craft stores or come up with your own ideas, such as providing dental floss or baker’s twine for creating necklaces. Put out a wide array of beads and let children string away. Other items that work well for jewelry craft projects include stickers, glitter glue, buttons, loose glitter, sequins, and dried pasta pieces.

Eco-friendly craft ideas help kids learn about the value of reusing and recycling, so incorporate such craft options if desired. For example, there’s tons of toilet paper roll crafts to pick from, or come up with crafts from found objects, such as stones and twigs.

Whatever else, consider creating craft stations so kids can pick and choose what they want to do.

Food Ideas

Sleepover staples such as pizza and French fries always go over well, as do cookies, candy, and brownies. You may want to avoid providing too many sugary snacks, as it will keep kids up for hours among other unpleasantness. Opt for one or two sweet options, and offer them in conjunction with healthier snacks, such as trail mix and popcorn.

What are your favorite sleepover ideas? Share them in the comments section!