Being a parent is a hardly a part-time job, and it’s not uncommon to feel like there just aren’t enough hours in each day. Rather than drinking so much coffee you’re buzzing just to get everything done, take a few brilliant parenting hacks to heart. We’ve already discussed numerous (and fabulous) hacks to utilize, but since you probably need all the help you can get (hey, no judgement here!), check out a few more:


Inflatable Pool Playpen

Give the inflatable pool you invested in this summer new life by using it as a playpen. Throw a few favorite toys in the thing and enjoy keeping kiddies occupied while you clean the fridge or go through that stack of magazines.

Milk Canker Sore Remedy

Dab a little milk on your baby’s canker sore. This is way less painful (and shocking) than an ointment, and works just as well.

Baby Jar Spice Storage

Recycle glass baby jars by using them for spices. Clean and dry the jars thoroughly first, and be sure to label each spice clearly to avoid using oregano when you wanted basil.

Shower Curtain Bag Hooks

Keep your handbags in plain view rather than dealing with a huge pile via shower curtain hooks. Hang the hooks on closet rods and never forget about that Coach bag again!

Fridge Lazy Susan

Purchase a small lazy Susan, place it in your fridge, and enjoy keeping excellent track of all condiments. You’ll never have to worry about old ranch dressing fouling up your refrigerator!

Frozen Treat Tooth Remedy

Soothe your child’s sore mouth by creating healthy popsicles. There’s plenty of yummy options available, such as those that involve strawberries, and your little one will get much-needed relief.

Photos For Family Safety

Snap a picture of your kids on your phone when at an amusement park or anywhere else. This is very good to have in case they get lost. It’s natural to never want to think of such things, however taking a picture allows you to show authorities exactly what your kids look like and what they’re wearing that day.

Dish Drying Rack Coloring Book Holder

Use a flatware drying rack to keep coloring books organized. The slots make excellent placeholders for the books, while the silverware caddy provides space for markers, crayons, and colored pencils.

What are your favorite super-awesome parenting hacks? Share them in the comments section!