5 Healthy Habits To Teach Your Kiddies

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You naturally want your child to be healthy, so it’s very, very essential to instill healthy habits in them practically from birth. Kids follow your example, so the more you take of yourself, the more your little ‘uns will. Teaching your kiddies healthy habits isn’t as challenging as you think, as they’re plenty of options to pick from. Check out a mere some of these options and feel good about raising happy, healthy youngsters:


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a darn-good reason. It keeps the body satiated till lunch, which prevents midday binges that involve donuts, and jump-starts the metabolism among other things. Make certain your kids start the day the right way by eating healthy breakfast options such as cereal (not the sugary kinds), toast with vegan butter, yogurt, fruit, oatmeal with cinnamon or fruit, etc. Also make sure they drink water in the morning, which helps wake the brain up and rehydrates the body among other excellent benefits.

Hand Washing

Learning to thoroughly wash their hands is an invaluable lesson to teach children, as it helps prevent a whole slew of unpleasant problems. Teach them to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds after using the bathroom, before eating, etc. Make a counting game out of it since most little kids don’t exactly have a concept of time.

Tissue Use

Tissues are not something to reuse, um, ever. Consider them harborers of germs that must be thrown out after one use…after all, do you see anyone using handkerchiefs anymore? Help your children remember to throw their tissues out by placing trash cans in their rooms and leading by example, as mentioned earlier. If you wash your hands after using tissues, so will they.

Family Time

Making time for family is a healthy habit that falls into the emotional and mental health categories. Dinnertime is ideal for this (clearly!), so use it to talk about what they did in school today, what activities they’re pursuing outside of the classroom, their friends, and anything else that’s important.

Tooth Brushing

Good oral hygiene is something that starts in childhood and continues throughout a lifetime. Lead by example (yet again) by brushing your teeth with your kids twice a day and remembering to floss. The internet is full of resources for implementing healthy dental care habits, for example the American Dental Association has an entire section devoted to children. There’s Dudley, the ADA mascot who teaches children about dental health in assorted videos, as well as coloring pages, fun quizzes, tooth brushing songs, and much more.

What healthy habits are you teaching your kids?