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Childs Pass is a great parent app that allows users to search, find, and book fun activities for the family in a city near you. Great concept and easy to use!

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Childs Pass is an innovative child activity app that allows parents to search for specific events and activities based on their location and interest. This on-demand app allows users to search, find and book specific events for fun family weekends on the go. With everything in one place, Childs Pass is a great tool to have all year round.

Features include:

  • Free to use
  • Book activities option
  • Easy to use


The idea behind Childs Pass is very exciting. As a parent to be able to easily search, find, and book specific family events on the go is a great opportunity and a time-saver. The app itself is very well done and includes clear graphics and an easy to use function that makes finding activities very easy. The ability to book activities within the app itself is really great so parents can do this on the go right from their phone with ease.


Not rated for education.


While this isn’t a kids app and isn’t directly meant to entertain children simply by using the app it does offer an indirect opportunity for parents to keep children entertained. After setting up the specific profile for your children that includes gender, age, and interests, parents can search based on their city to see what activity options are available. The developers have also categorized the types of activities by including things like, ‘rainy day activities’ and ‘free’ options that make searching for things to do quite easy.

Unfortunately at this time there are only three cities listed for the U.S. which limits the usability of the app for many families. Currently the only cities included for the U.S. are Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. As the app gains momentum there will be other cities available, however as it stands now it is quite limited in terms of who can effectively use the app.


Parents will definitely appreciate being able to use this tool absolutely free. This allows users to search for activities for free and if they decide to book a specific activity they can use the app to make the purchase with ease. Adding more options in terms of locations is certainly ideal and would increase the overall usability and value of the app as well.

Child Friendliness

This app is not meant to be used by children. It really is a parents only kind of app as it includes payment information and gateways that children shouldn’t have access to. With that said, parents will want to make sure this app isn’t on devices children have access to as it could result in unintentional bookings since none of those buttons and options are currently protected.

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Childs Pass is a great parent app that allows users to search, find, and book fun activities for the family in a city near you. Great concept and easy to use!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars