Household Items That Double As Toys For Kiddies

You might not think so at first, but there’s actually tons of items around your home that double as fantastic toys for kids. They fuel young imaginations while also helping to save you money on store-bought toys! Check out some of the many household items to give to your children for afternoons of fun:



Most children will be extremely interested in flashlights, as they allow them to play detective or explorer, or go camping in the backyard. Give your children flashlights and come with a few scenarios for play. Once you spark their imaginations, they’ll enjoy hours of creative playtime.

Plastic Containers & Lids

The simple act of stacking plastic containers and lids is often fascinating to the young child, as is matching the right container with the right lid. They also function as sandbox and bathtime toys.

Laundry Baskets

Laundry baskets lend themselves to a number of fun, imaginative activities. Children can use them as cars, pirate ships, boats, and trains, as well as beds for plush animals and dolls. Tossing balls into laundry baskets is yet another of the many ways children may use these essential household items.

Old Cell Phones & Remote Controls

Most kids loooovvve playing with old remote controls and cell phones, and use them to “watch TV”, “make calls,” and even take pictures, since pretty much all of today’s phones come with cameras. Kiddies usually enjoy the real thing over their plastic toy counterparts.

Masking Tape

This is definitely a supervised activity, however there’s plenty of fun to be had with masking tape. Tape balls and race tracks are just two of the options available, but keep in mind tape that comes off from assorted surfaces easily is what you want.

Old Clothes & Jewelry

Provide children with endless fun via old clothes, hats, and jewelry. Plenty of kids love playing dress-up, and giving them old clothes to enjoy allows them to assume new “identities,” put on fashion shows, and otherwise have a grand time.

Cardboard Boxes

Large cardboard boxes serve as “homes” and “forts” children won’t tire of quickly. Smaller options function as doll houses, treasure chests, and jewelry boxes, while they also work well for games. If you have enough large boxes around, children can make tunnels!

These and plenty of other household items work as crazy-fun toys for kids! What are your favorite household-items-turned-toys? Share them in the comments section!