Being a parent is a challenging and important job, as you’re raising little shavers to contribute to the world, not be a drain on it. We’ve already discussed a few “hacks” for making your life as a parent easier, but since more help never hurts, here’s a few more to help you manage every day:


Old Cell Phones

Save your old cell phones and allow your kids to use them for play. They can use them as phones to “talk” to their friends, as well as play cameras.

“Get Along” Shirt

Are your kids fighting? Emphasize that they’re each other’s friend for life by creating a “Get Along” shirt. Take a huge t-shirt, write “Our get-along shirt” on it, and place them in it when they’re arguing or otherwise being unkind to each other. Having to share the same shirt is a way to help them get along quickly.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are you new best friends when you’re a parent, as they allow you to store all kinds of things. Think baby wipes, bottles, tissues, diapers, small toys, pacifiers, and anything else you don’t have room for in your purse or baby bag.

Play Fort

Creating a play fort is easier than ever when you use old sheets and a box fan. There’s plenty of internet tutorials on the subject, and your kids will spend hours having fun and planning adventures.

Monster Spray

Are you little ones afraid of monsters in their closets and under their beds? Rather than trying to explain that there’s “no such thing as monsters,” make a “monster spray.” Simply pour water into a spray bottle and label it. Add monster stickers for added effect if desired. Spray around your child’s room before bed so he or she will get a good night’s sleep.

Command Hook

Placing a command hook on the back of your baby’s high chair allows you to hang bibs easily instead of wondering where the heck you put them.

Frozen Pacifier

Soothing baby’s teething gums is easier than ever when you dip a pacifier in a filled ice cube tray. The resulting ice surrounding the pacifier will calm baby down right away.

Shoe Caddy

Hang a shoe caddy on the back of your front car seat and stock it with snacks and games before a long road trip. Kids will have so much fun discovering what’s in the caddy they’ll forget they’ve been on the road for hours on end.

What are your favorite parenting hacks?