Top 5 Craft Books For Kids And Why They Rule

Whether looking to keep your kids occupied and stimulated during summer or holiday breaks, it helps to have a few resources on hand. There’s plenty of craft books full of kid-friendly ideas, but some are far superior to others. Check out our picks for the top children’s craft books and never run out of innovative ways to keep kids entertained:


The Everything Book: A Treasury of Things to Make and Do

This book is divided into “things to make” and “things to do,” and provides a cornucopia of fantastic options. There’s recipes for paper mache and playdough, as well as great travel games, rhymes and riddles, and so much more. The book features over 200 things to make and do, so you won’t run out of options quickly!

The Golden Book of Family Fun

The Golden Book of Family Fun provides lots of great things for families to do together that don’t involve sitting in front of the TV. Activities, games, party ideas, crafts…it’s all here, whether you want to make a backyard water park, play ‘Ghost in the Graveyard,’ make yummy snacks, do fun craft projects….

Kid Made Modern

Iconic fashion designer Todd Oldham created a fabulous book filled with retro projects ideal for children ages 5 and up. Oldham takes cues from designers and artists such as Ray Eames and Dorothy Draper to provide crafts “for burgeoning modernists.”

Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts For Kids

This book is perfect for instilling a love of reusing and recycling in little ones, as it teaches them all the nifty projects they can create via inexpensive and recycled materials. Peanut butter shell puppets, egg carton fairy lights, toilet paper roll marionettes, and shell crabs are just some of the fun projects you’ll find within the pages of Red Ted Art.

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts For Kids

What craft book list is complete without Martha? The domestic queen provides 175 fantastic projects for kids of every age, including detailed instructions for handmade toys, lovely gifts, travel games, and so much more. There’s crafts for creating musical instruments out of jewelry, vacation scrapbooks, and plenty of other options using recycled household items.

Find hours of fun in these books and enjoy promoting creativity in your children! Show them there’s plenty of great ways to spend their time that don’t involve video games and television programs…who knows, you might help bring out their inner artist!

What are your favorite craft ideas for kids?