Your Child’s Playroom: A Few Organizational Tips

Is your toddler’s playroom always something of a disaster area? You’re hardly alone, however there’s lots of little things you can do to organize the space so it doesn’t resemble a toy explosion. Check out a few tricks to help you out:


Laundry Baskets & Bins

Rather than using shelves and constantly having to keep your oh-so-curious toddler from climbing them, use plastic and cloth-covered bins to put toys in their rightful place when not in use. Ensure whatever bins you use will not cause injury to your child!

Laundry baskets also work wonders, and are especially helpful for housing large stuffed toys and other sizable treasures. The bins and baskets give your little ‘un easy access to what they want without putting them in (climbing) danger.

Color Coding

Color coding is an organizational system even little children understand. Keep red toys in red bins, blue toys in blue bins, etc. This will help kiddies understand where their toys are kept while reinforcing which colors are which.

Little Pieces

Rather than constantly stabbing yourself with LEGOs or other small toys that always end up on the floor, keep them out of reach. Your child can request them one at a time and assist in clean up once playtime is over, which helps teach responsibility and that it’s important to put things away when you’re finished with them.

Cheap Decorations

Shopping the teacher supply section at your local retail store is a way to decorate your child’s playroom without paying too much. Keep whatever decorations you decide on high on the walls so your little shaver isn’t tempted to tear them down. Family photos also make great decorations, and provide your child with the opportunity to always look at those who love him or her…you, your partner, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents…you get the idea.


Whatever you decide to do in terms of organizing your child’s playroom, remember not to stress! The room will inevitably get messy, and that’s okay! Implement organizational skills whenever you can, and so long as the room doesn’t get too messy, you’re in good shape. You have plenty of other things to concern yourself with as a parent, and how messy it gets in your child’s playroom sometimes is hardly a big deal!

What are your favorite organizational tips for child playrooms and bedrooms? Share them in the comments section!