10 Insanely-Awesome Mom Hacks

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Since there’s no such thing as too many genius mom hacks, here’s a few more to keep you sane and your children happy. After all, everyone needs a little help sometimes!

Toy Ring Cabinet Door Locks

Keep cabinet doors closed and away from little hands with toy rings. Your house probably features more of such things than you realize, so why not put them to extra use?

Cool Lunches

Freeze sponges and place them in your kids’ lunch boxes to keep cold foods chilled until it’s time to eat. Your little ones can also use the sponges to wipe up their portion of the lunch table when they’re finished.

Boredom Buster

Deal with bored, grumpy kids by turning the television off for a week. Encourage them to come up with new and fun ways to spend their free time…you’ll probably be very impressed by what cool activities they invent!

Marshmallow “Ouchie” Pads

Throw a bunch of marshmallows in a plastic bag and place it in your freezer. Use the bag for “ouchies” whenever necessary.

Paper “Task” Bracelets

Help a forgetful child learn to keep track of, well, anything via paper “task” bracelets. Write out chores and other reminders on each bracelet, or use a color-code system if that works better. Utilize whatever sturdy paper you have lying around and some hot glue to make the bracelets.

Cheerio Toilet Trick

Use a single cheerio to help a male child learn to aim when going to the bathroom. The Cheerio gives him something to aim for, and helps keep your toilet a heck of a lot cleaner.

Juice Box Cooler

Fill balloons with water and freeze them. Place them in a medium-sized bucket and use them to keep juice boxes cool on your next play date.

Sink Extender

Are your kids too little to reach the sink? Does having to hold them up every time end up hurting your back? Create a sink “extender” with a clean plastic bubble bath or shampoo bottle. Poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle so it fits snugly around your faucet, and enjoy watching your kids wash their hands without your help.

LEGO Cleaning Tip

Wash LEGOs in a lingerie bag after one or more of your children has been ill. This disinfects the plastic pieces and ensures reinfection will not occur. Very helpful!

Have any genius mom tricks you’d like to share?