Here’s How to Get Visual Notifications on Your iPhone

By default, the iPhone does not alert you visually to text messages, emails or missed calls awaiting your attention. For those moving from Android or Windows devices, this is much-missed feature. Good news iPhone enthusiasts: you can still get visual alerts on your smartphone. Here’s how to do just that.

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What are visual alerts and why might you need them?

iphone LED flasher on

Visual alerts were designed to help notify the hearing impaired of missed messages with a blinking light produced by a phone’s flash. Visual alerts can help to keep you in-the-know when you need to silence your phone during a meeting or movie, for example, but don’t want to miss an important message from the babysitter or your boss. They’re also an easy way to see if you have new messages waiting without needing to power up your screen and check.

How to turn visual alerts on an iPhone

There’s only a few simple steps involved:

Tap your iPhone’s settings icon

1. iphone settings









Go to the General tab

2. General tab









Tap Accessibility

3. Accessibility









Scroll down and turn on LED Flash for Alerts by pushing the slider to the right

4. LED Flash for Alerts


From here on out, your phone’s camera flash will blink a bright white LED light when you’ve missed an alert, even when your phone is in silent mode. To turn this feature off, simply repeat the steps above, turning the slider off in step four.