4 Mess-Free Activities For Toddlers

As much as you want to provide stimulating activities for your toddler, you are probably a little tired of cleaning up food, child-friendly paint, and just about anything else that creates a mess. Thankfully your salvation is here in the form of mess-free activities ideal for younglings! Review the following activities that provide your toddler with the stimulation his/her growing brain needs minus the cleanup.

Color Recognition Game

Help your toddler learn about different colors with this fun button game. Make a pile of large buttons in different colors and place the pile in front of plastic cups. The cups should be different colors as well. Instruct your toddler to place the buttons in the coordinating cups. Depending the size of the button pile, your toddler will be busy for at least an hour!

Paper Puppets

Use old cereal boxes or other sturdy cardboard to make puppets. Have your toddler “help” you make the puppets, such as holding a puppet while you glue googly eyes or pom-pom hair. Once the puppets are complete (and all glue has dried), give them to your toddler to play with. Your toddler might want to play with only the puppets or play with them in conjunction with other toys, such as plush animals.

Matching Game

Purchase one of those classic Memory games but keep the cards right-side up. Ask your toddler to match the baby animal with the mother animal to help the child learn about the animal kingdom. Once the little ‘un is old enough, he or she can have fun playing Memory with you.

Number Hunt Game

Write numbers on Post-It notes (one number per note) and stick them around one of the rooms in your home. Have your toddler find and identify the the numbers–it’s a great way to teach the child about number recognition!

There you have it: four mess-free activities for your toddler!