5 Chore Ideas For Four-Year-Olds

Need some help around the house? Why not enlist the assistance of your four-year-old? This may seem like something related to child labor at first, but it’s actually a way to get your little ‘un used to doing his or her part around the house. It also makes your life a whole lot easier. Check out a few easy chores practically any four-year-old can do, and remember to always stay positive about household tasks. You don’t want your child to associate chores with punishment!

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Make Bed

This simple task arguably lays the groundwork for future chore-related accomplishments. Be enthusiastic when helping your child make his or her bed for the first time, and don’t forget to lavish praise when the job gets done without your help. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and remember to focus on what your child did “like a big kid,” such as tucking sheets under the mattress.

Put Away Dirty Clothes

Putting away dirty clothes is another small task that teaches little children the importance of picking up after themselves. Making sure dirty clothes go in the hamper or “dirty clothes pile” helps you keep the child’s room neat instead of a disaster area.

Pick Up Leaves & Twigs

Have your four-year-old help you with yard work! Request he or she picks up any twigs and small sticks around the yard, as well as leaves. If you happen to own a child-size rake, your little one can use that to form a pile of leaves. Children love imitating their parents and older kids, so if your child sees you raking leaves, it’s very likely he or she will want to do the same.

Another simple yard work task to try with your young child is picking up toys strewn about, such as toy trucks, balls, etc.

Fold Laundry

Instructing your child on how to fold small items, such as wash cloths, hand towels, and t-shirts is a simple enough task, and one that makes laundry day easier. Finding the mate to socks is another laundry chore that saves you time and is fun for the child, who will probably think of it as something of a treasure hunt.

Wipe Kitchen Cabinets

Wiping down counters and tables may not be possible for your four-year-old due to height, however low kitchen counters are at just the right level and create another intriguing chore for small children.

What other chores can four-year-olds handle?