5 Fun Crafts For 2-Year-Olds

Inspire creative efforts early on while also keeping your 2-year-old entertained via simple craft ideas. The following options delight the senses and put your little ‘un on the path to creative success later in life.

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Rain Paint Craft

Help your 2-year-old place kid-friendly paint globs on pieces of white paper on a rainy day. Use card stock or other sturdy paper so the end result isn’t a soggy mess. Take the paint-laden piece outside and let the rain do its work. Your youngling will love watching the paint swirl as the rain falls!

Paper Plate Sun

Provide a yellow paper plate and yellow pipe cleaners along with non-toxic glue. Instruct the little shaver to use the glue to attach pipe cleaner “rays” around the plate to create a beautiful sun.

Leaf Craft

Spend some time collecting fallen leaves. Once you have a decent collection, get some paint and white paper together. Have the toddler add paint to the leaves and press them on the paper to create beautiful leaf art. Alternatively, you can use leaves to spell out the child’s name. You will probably have to help a lot with this option, but it’s still fun for the child!

Textured Animal Crafts

Use cotton balls to make animal crafts. You’ll obviously want to make animals that are soft in real life, such as bunnies and cats. Print out animal tracings from craft sites, and trace them onto construction paper. Have your toddler help you add cotton to the animal–this is a fun sensory craft! Color the cotton with non-toxic markers if you want.

Garden Art Crafts

Walk around your property or the local park to find small rocks and stones. Spend time painting the rocks together in your backyard, weather permitting. Look for smoother stones for easier painting. When the paint dries, have fun placing the stones in various gardens around your property. Let the toddler choose where each stone goes!

What other craft ideas work well for 2-year-olds?