5 Healthy School Lunch Ideas

The kiddies are going back to school soon, meaning it is once again time to pack lunches. Rather than agonizing over what to pack every darn day, review some fantastically-healthy options that contribute to diet variety.

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The following possibilities are healthy and yummy:

Hard-Boiled Eggs With Zucchini Bread And Blueberries

If your younglings are all about hard-boiled eggs, create lunches around two such eggs. Provide salt and pepper packets or chop the eggs up with mayo to create egg salad. Add three small zucchini muffins made with bananas rather than sugar. Finish the lunch with a side of blueberries, string cheese, and crackers.

Bite-Size Turkey Wraps

Make bite-size turkey wraps that include cheese and greens, such as spinach. Round out the lunch with some grapes and cucumber slices, as well as unbuttered popcorn. Pack hummus so the kids have something to dip their cucumber slices in.

Refried Bean And Cheese Quesadillas

Do your children love Mexican food? Send them to school with refried bean and cheese quesadillas. Provide salsa or sour cream for dipping, as well as a lime slice and some avocado. The lime and the avocado are excellent for making guacamole! For something sweet, add a few ripened strawberries.

Turkey And Cheese Club Sandwiches

Simply make a turkey and cheese club, then cut it into squares to create this lunch. Use toothpicks to keep the mini clubs together. Add peas to the lunch as a veggie component, as well as apple slices with almond butter to provide fruit and more healthy fat.

Peanut Butter And Banana Roll-Ups

Are your little ‘uns big fans of peanut butter and banana? Spread some peanut butter on whole grain tortillas before adding banana slices and a drizzle of raw honey. Roll the result up and cut them to make bite-size pieces. The rest of the lunch can include cheese cubes, apple slices, carrot sticks, and strawberries.

Try these and other easy, healthy options all year long!