5 Ideas To Keep Your Toddler Busy For 10 Minutes

If keeping your toddler occupied is an increasingly difficult task, don’t fret. Review a few fantastic options for keeping the lil tot busy for at least 10 minutes at a time. As a mom, you know 10 minutes is actually a pretty long time to get things done!

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Window Mosaic

Provide your little ‘un with foam window clings so the child can have fun creating mosaics and any other patterns and designs he or she comes up with. The toddler will also probably enjoy the way the foam clings feel, which gives you extra time to send emails or take a power nap.

Nature Color Hunt

Walk around your backyard or a nearby park with your toddler and point out the various colors. Look for colors together, such as green grass, yellow or orange leaves, brown bark…you get the idea.

Room Identification Fun

Clip images of household items from magazines, such as pictures of sofas, food items, TVs, beds, teddy bears, etc. Divide a large piece of construction paper into four sections–”Bedroom,” “Living Room,” “Kitchen,” and “Bathroom” and have your child match the item with the room. Move on to other rooms, such as the dining room and den, once these rooms are mastered!

Birthday Activity

Give your tot the chance to throw a “birthday party” for his/her siblings or stuffed animals with Playdough cupcakes. This is one of many games your toddler can play with the classic toy. It is sure to keep the child busy for more than 10 minutes!

Water Activities

Supply your toddler with a small tub of water, plastic bottles, measuring cups, and baby soap bubbles. Fill the tub with bubbly water and watch your child have fun filling the measuring cups and pouring the soapy liquid into the bottles…and back out again…and back in again….just keep a weather eye on the kid so he or she doesn’t fall in the water assuming the tub is big enough.

These are just some of the ways to keep your toddler busy…have fun!