5 Mom-Kid “Fun Day” Ideas

Desperate for more mom-kid “fun day” ideas? Such excursions give you the opportunity to connect and bond with your younglings one-on-one. Check out the following ideas and get inspired!

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Find a child-friendly play happening in your area and take one of your kids to a performance. This is an especially fun “date” if the child is interested in theater. Look for a comedy or a musical unless your child really wants to see a dramatic show. Browse options in your local newspaper together to find something that speaks to both of you.


Go to breakfast with your kids–individually, of course! Take each child to the local diner if you want to keep the tab inexpensive, and sit at the counter if you like. Your children will likely jump at the chance to sit at the counter with other adults. Use the time to ask them about school, their friends, and discuss anything they want to talk about.

Animal Sanctuary

Find a local farm or other nearby animal sanctuary and make special trips with each child. If multiple sanctuaries exist near you, ask your children which one they want to go to. Some are just for farm animals and other domestic species, while others are for wildlife. Many of the animals at wildlife animal sanctuaries were rescued from poorly-run zoos, circuses, and similar situations. These sanctuaries give your children the chance to learn more about world’s animals, which species are endangered, animal cruelty, and related important topics.


Go for a special hike with each of your kids. Visit beautiful local and state parks in your area, or national parks if you happen to live near one/some. Use the opportunity to instill a love of nature in your kids and talk about why protecting and preserving the environment is so essential. Being dazzled by the supreme beauty of nature is something they will cherish always, and perhaps inspire them to learn more about what they can do to help the planet.

Landmark Visits

Visit landmarks in your area. For example, if you live near the Jersey Shore, visit Lucy, the enormous elephant structure that was once a restaurant or hotel. Take each child to a landmark of his or her choice and spend time talking about the history and what makes the site so important.

Try these and other creative options for spending time one-on-one with your kids! Have fun!