5 Things To Do When Sitting With Children In Restaurants

Keeping children occupied while waiting for a table or your meal in a restaurant doesn’t have to be difficult! There’s plenty of things you can do to distract your little ‘uns and subsequently prevent fussy meltdowns. Use the following ideas the next time you don’t feel like cooking and want to go out to eat.

Coloring Books

Bring coloring books and crayons or ask for coloring pages if the restaurant provides them. This keeps kids plenty occupied while you’re waiting for the appetizers. If they ask you to help them color, by all means do so. They will love watching how you color a flower or animal and will likely mimic your work.

Small Toys

Keep a bunch of small toys in your vehicle to whip out whenever you require them. Think small books, action figures, small dolls, miniature versions of favorite games, silly putty or the like, and anything else that’s portable and fun.

Actual Books

Provide your children with storybooks as you kill time between the appetizer and the main course. If they’re currently reading one or more books, bring those with you so they can continue wherever they left off.


Take turns telling favorite jokes. Ask the children if they have learned any new jokes at school they want to share. This may also give you the chance to inquire about what the kids have been doing lately at school, as well as how they are getting along with classmates, what they like about their teachers, and more.

Sugar Packet Games

Play “Hide the Sugar Packet” or similar games with items on your restaurant table. Such games will keep your kiddies occupied in addition to making them laugh.

Do the above ideas inspire any other options for distracting kids at restaurants? Share them in the comments!