5 Toddler Busy Bag Ideas

Need to keep your toddler occupied? Make a whole bunch of “busy bags” to give the child something to do when you need to work, cook, spend time with friends, clean the bathroom, etc. Use the following ideas as starting points and feel free to add to them or adjust them as you wish.

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Place different-colored sponges in a plastic bag. Be sure to find sponges featuring different shapes and sizes for added effect. Give the child a pot of water to dip the sponges in for at least 30 minutes of occupied fun.


Acquire pom-poms of various colors and sizes–the type you use for crafting projects–and place them in a baggie with a toilet paper roll. The toddler will have a ball (pun intended) placing the pom-poms in the toilet paper roll and watching them fall out.

Crayons And Paper

Put a few crayons with paper in a baggie–use different-colored paper for best results. Find notepads in square, rectangular, and heart shapes to add to the fun. You might end up with 20 notepad sheets around your kitchen, but oh well!

Foam Fun

Find those foam animals that stick on assorted surfaces and combine them with a piece of cardstock or construction paper. Your toddler can have fun making “art” with the foam pieces!

Grab Bag

Fill a baggie with a variety of different toys and toy pieces to encourage your toddler to use her imagination. Think LEGO pieces, tea set pieces, small dolls, action figures, faux food, and anything else you can think of that your toddler will like.

Remember, these are just ideas–feel free to adjust them as you see fit! Take them out whenever your toddler needs entertaining, such as in the car or when waiting for a table at a restaurant. Have fun!