6 School Lunch Hacks

Trying to think of what to pack the kids for lunch is like trying to figure out what to plan for dinner: exhausting. Save yourself from this problem with the following lunchbox hacks. You will love them, and so will your kids.

Freeze Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Prepare and freeze a week’s worth of peanut butter sandwiches. Place them in a well-sealed freezer bag and take them out as needed. Remove sandwiches in the morning and put them in your children’s lunchboxes–they will be thawed by noon.

Reuse Bottles For Sauces

Reuse plastic bottles for condiments and sauces. Mio bottles are ideal because they are small and easy to pack. They also prevent condiment messes at the lunch table.

Keep Sliced Apples Fresh

Ensure apples stay fresh by wrapping them in plastic wrap as soon as you are finished cutting them. This prevents them from browning and looking unappetizing to your children. It also makes the fruit ready to eat!

Turn Drinks Into Ice Packs

Freeze Capri Sun or boxed juice drinks and take them out as you’re packing the kids’ lunches. They make excellent ice packs because they do their job well while also saving space.

Create Snack Stations

Help your older children make their lunches easily by creating a snack station in your kitchen. Tell them to remove one or two items from each option for healthy and filling lunches. Snack station ideas can include fruit, veggie sticks, cheese and crackers, hummus packs, etc.

Skewer Meat And Cheese

Make enjoying cheese and deli meats at lunchtime easy by skewering them. Check with your children’s school to ensure skewers are allowed–you don’t want to accidentally get your kids in trouble! If you are worried about giving them skewers regardless, opt for plastic coffee sticks.

Enjoy experimenting with these hacks! Have fun!