6 Tips For Less Stressful School Mornings

Getting the kids ready for school in the morning does not have to be like something out of a horror movie. Ensuring the kiddies get out of bed, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, pack their backpacks, etc. goes much smoother when you keep the following tips in mind…and allows you to enjoy a nice rather than stressful start to your day:

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Prepare The Night Before

Prepare for morning by setting out clothes for the next day or even the entire week. Set the table for breakfast if you want, and pack as much of the children’s lunches as you can. A little nighttime prep goes a long, long way during frantic mornings.

Store Must-Haves In The Car

Keep items such as socks and hairbrushes in your car for getting ready on the go. Doing so prevents you from having to go back to the house because the kids forgot this item or that item. You don’t want the kids to be late for school, after all!

Set Consequences

Make sure your kids are ready for school on time by setting consequences and enforcing them as necessary. For example, take some of their allowance away each time they are not ready when you are starting the car.

Make A Game Out Of It

Help your kids get ready quickly and have a little fun by making the morning routine a race. Add incentives if you like, such as 10 extra minutes of TV or playtime. You will be amazed at how quickly the kids get ready!

Use Timers

Use timers, buzzers, and even wireless doorbells to get the kids up and moving in the morning. A wireless doorbell that makes a ‘gong’ sound is definitely a way to alert the younglings about getting up.

Help Yourself Out

Help yourself by filling the car with gas the night before, designating a tray for keys and cell phones, setting the coffee maker in the evening, and so on.

We hope these suggestions inspire you! Have any other tips you would care to share?