7 Back-To-School Clothes Shopping Tips

Buying back-to-school clothes do not have to cost you a small fortune. Purchasing new clothes every single year gets tiring, especially if your kids are on the smaller side and outgrow things quickly. Use the following tips to make back-to-school clothes shopping easy…and much less expensive.

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Cull First

Go through what you already have with each of your kids. Give away stuff they have outgrown and keep everything they can possibly wear again this year. This avoids buying the same stuff and making yourself mad!

Buy What’s Needed Only

Purchase what your children really and truly need: new jeans, shoes, socks, underwear, and shirts. Look for versatile items whenever possible, and buy one or two “special” items your children simply have to have, assuming such items are within budget. There’s always Christmas in regards to new clothes, so keep that in mind.

Teach Your Kids How to Budget

Use back-to-school shopping as an opportunity to teach your kids about budgeting. Tell them how much money you have for their wardrobe and allow them to shop (with you present, of course). This is an easier concept for middle and high schoolers to understand, and they will likely have a lot of fun seeing what they can purchase for a set amount of money.

Buy Brands If It’s Worth It

Don’t eschew brand names completely, as there are certain times when purchasing a brand-name item really is worth it. Avoid buying all brand names to prevent communicating how “important” brands are to your kids, but if they are begging for items within budget, give in. Wearing the “right” clothes in combination with other, more affordable pieces can do a lot for your kids’ self-confidence.

Make Laundry Day Easier

Make laundry day easier on yourself by refraining from buying small items, such as socks and underwear, in the same colors. Opt for different patterns and colors so you know which items belong to which child.

Remember School Dress Codes

Keep school dress codes in mind, as some schools have rules about the length of shorts and skirts, midriff tops, shirts with “offensive” language, etc. Call the school to ask about dress codes if necessary.

Label, Label, Label

Label clothing items your children will be taking on and off every day at school, such as jackets, hats, mittens, and gym clothes. While this action does not mean these items won’t end up in the Lost and Found, it does guarantee (almost, anyway) that they will make their way back to your children.

Use these tips to enjoy successful back-to-school shopping sprees!