7 Indoor Activities For Toddlers

Keep your toddler entertained when stuck inside, whether due to weather or any other reason. A bored toddler is a rambunctious toddler, so sidestep disaster with a series of awesome activities. Your little ‘un will be super-tired by the end of the day!

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Foil Crown Activity

Turn your youngling into a prince or princess by creating a foil crown. Use one of the many tutorials available on the ‘net to make the crown, and have your toddler help where possible, such as selecting faux gems and beads and helping you glue them on. The child will be so wrapped up in wearing the crown it’s likely to spark one or more imaginative games.

Balloon Activity

Blow up a few balloons and throw them in the air. Have your toddler try to keep as many balloons in the air as possible….you might want to clear your living room or other applicable space for this activity to avoid crashes into various end tables. Nevertheless, this game provides hours of entertainment.

Sticker Activity

Provide your toddler with a wide range of stickers and a few sheets of construction paper so he or she can have fun creating “sticker art.” This is another activity sure to keep your toddler busy for hours so you can get other things done, like dealing with the mess in the back of the refrigerator or answering email.

Fort Activity

Use pillows, furniture, and sheets to turn a section of your home into a fabulous fort. Even adults like to play with forts, as evidenced on one episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Treasure Hunt Activity

Hide certain objects in your den or living room and have the toddler find them. Small stuffed toys make great treasure hunt options, as you can devise a game where your toddler’s plush animals have gotten “lost” and he or she needs to find them.

Cotton Painting Activity

Set non-toxic, washable paint in front of your toddler along with some construction paper and cotton balls.  The little shaver will likely spend a nice chunk of time creating art that’ll go up on your refrigerator.

Toilet Paper Roll Activity

Create a trail of toilet paper rolls for your toddler to follow and place a little surprise at the end of said trail. The surprise could be anything from a cookie to a small toy.
Enjoy keeping your toddler entertained no matter how wretched the outside weather!