8 Super-Amazing Mom Ideas

Being a mom is a challenging yet very rewarding job, and taking a few shortcuts isn’t a big thing! The internet is chock-full of hacks and ideas to make life as a mom a little easier, some of which we’ve collected for you. You’re destined to adore these “mom tricks” that can only be called absolute genius!

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Lower-Drawer Sippy Cups

Teach your little ‘uns a little independence by keeping sippy cups in the lowest possible drawer. They’ll love learning to get their own drinks just like those “big kids”!

Frozen Sponges

Freeze a sponge overnight and wrap it in plastic or tin foil before placing it in your child’s lunch box. This gives them something to wipe the table with before they eat.

TV Turn-Off

Deal with irritable children by turning off the television. This may make them more grumpy for a minute or two, but tell them it’s a way to find their own fun. They’ll be amazed at how much they love finding other things to do! Try it for a week and see if the results aren’t fabulous.

DIY Party Cooler

Fill balloons with water and freeze them. Place them in a metal bucket or other viable container and enjoy the compliments you receive on your “party cooler.” Place juice boxes or anything else in said cooler.

Painter’s Tape For Outlets

Cover unsafe outlets in hotel rooms with painter’s tape.

Marshmallow “Ouchie” Pads

Fill plastic baggies with mini marshmallows and store them in your freezer. They make lightweight, highly-effective “ouchie” pads that will help distract your child from his or her injury.

Glowing Bedtime Bottle

Help your child who cannot wind down and go to sleep with a crafty “bedtime bottle.” Paint the bottle with glitter glue and glow-in-the-dark paint, and affix glow-in-the-dark mini stars using super glue. Fill the bottle with glitter or other applicable material and ensure the lid will not come off. Use the bottle as a nightlight of sorts that helps children realize it’s time for beddy-bye.

Frozen Grapes As Ice Cubes

Don’t dilute your child’s juice with ice cubes…use frozen grapes instead! They make a sweet treat that’s full of fiber, and kids will delight in them. Red grapes are arguably the best option, with crafty moms noting they taste like “ice cream” when frozen.

Implement these genius ideas and see if you/your kiddies don’t love them!

What are your favorite brilliant mom ideas? Share them in the comments section!