10 Cool Toy Storage Ideas

Do your kids’ playroom and bedrooms always look like bombs hit them? Help yourself out by putting a few awesome toy organization tips into practice. This assists your kids in where things are kept and prevents you from getting stabbed in the foot by a rogue LEGO or action figure.

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“Bird’s Nest”

Use tulle or any other viable fabric to create a “bird’s nest” for plush toy storage. Simply hang the fabric up so it looks like a hammock and fill it with stuffed toys. It’s a great way to keep such toys organized, and looks ridiculously-cute besides.

Bath Toy Caddies

Purchase a bendable plastic basket with handles from your local dollar store–you know, the one that comes peppered with holes. Attach a plastic hook to your bathtub wall and hang a basket on it. Fill with bath toys and know exactly where the toys are when it’s time to get scrubby.

Shelving/Plastic Bins

Buy or make shelving that features plenty of room for storing small-to-medium-sized plastic bins. Go for clear bins for best results, and label each bin with a picture of the toys it contains. This is helpful to children who haven’t quite learned to read yet, and makes keeping most or all of the toys in one place easy.

Board Game Wall Art

Frame board games to use as art! This looks great in any children’s playroom and prevents stacks of board games from taking up space.

Shoe Caddies

Hang a shoe caddy on your child’s bedroom or playroom door and use it to store action figures, Barbie dolls, etc.

Wire Bins

Attach wire bins to the wall and use them to house any toys you like. This is yet another way to save floor space and make great use of the walls.

Trash Bins

Collect small trash containers in various colors and use them for stuffed toys, game pieces, etc.

Vintage Carts

Use vintage carts with wheels on them as another fun and stylish way to store large toys.

Magnet Knife Holder

Affix magnet knife holders to the walls and use them to store magnetic toys, such as small racecars.

Dollhouse Storage

Procure a large dollhouse and have it house toys instead of dolls…or use it exclusively for doll toy storage!

These are just some of the many cool ways to organize your child’s toys! Have any other ideas to share?