6 Home Organization Tips From Real Moms

Maintaining a clean, organized home often seems like a pointless, thankless task when you have children. Yet there is light at the end of the home organization tunnel, as there’s lots of little things you can do to prevent your house from looking like several bombs hit it. Use the following tips from real moms to enjoy a more organized home:

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Clean As You Cook

Sidestep substantial kitchen messes by cleaning as you cook. For example, if you’re waiting for a certain ingredient or dish to cook, wash dishes or load them in the dishwasher. Use all of your ‘waiting’ time to clean, whether wiping down counters and the stovetop, drying dishes and putting them way, placing ingredients you no longer need back in the pantry/fridge/freezer, etc. You’ll be very thankful you did when the meal is finally finished.

Dance As You Clean

Make cleaning the house a lot more fun by putting on favorite music and dancing about as you work. Cleaning isn’t exactly a favorite thing for, well, anyone, however the right music makes dusting the living room or wiping every single kitchen shelf much more pleasant. Create a cleaning playlist full of danceable tunes and have at it.

Take It With You

Never, ever walk up your stairs empty-handed. Laundry, the kids’ toys, documents and mail that belong in the upstairs office…there’s always something you can take with you. Make this a habit and see if you don’t notice serious results quickly.

Just Do It

Perform any cleaning tasks that take five minutes or less now. As the old saying goes, “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” Besides, if it only takes five minutes, why put it off?

“Just The Furniture”

Make a rule in your house: the only things allowed on the floor are furniture pieces. Ensure everyone in your household is aware of this rule and enjoy a much cleaner, neater home. You also won’t be tripping over toy trucks and various other objects anymore!

Vinegar And Water

Use white vinegar and water to make a highly-effective, all-purpose cleaning solution. Pour ¼ cup of vinegar per cup of water into a spray bottle and use it to clean kitchen and bathroom counters, wood surfaces, glass surfaces…anything. Vinegar is a very potent cleanser and disinfectant that’s completely non-toxic and crazy cheap.

Does this list inspire you? Share other tried-and-true home organization tips in the comments section!