9 Teen Girl Backpack Must-Haves

Take a look inside your teen daughter’s backpack. Is it a disaster area? If so, help her organize her ‘pack and provide the following suggestions. She might resist at first, but she will appreciate your help once she sees the results!


Give your daughter a planner if she doesn’t have one. A planner is a wonderful tool that helps people of all ages stay organized. Get your daughter used to planning her days with a cute date planner–she can write in what assignments are due, when she has sports or play rehearsal, what days the clubs and organizations she participates in are meeting, etc.

Glasses Case

Provide a glasses case if your daughter wears glasses for seeing the chalkboard or reading. The case comes in very handy, because you won’t have to pay for expensive replacements. She should also have a case for her sunglasses–it is never too early to protect skin from UV rays!

Mini Deodorant

Let her choose from deodorant brands before purchasing a travel-size version. Deodorant comes in very handy after sweat-tastic gym sessions.

Water Bottle

Prevent your daughter from spending money on bottled water by purchasing a reusable option. Encourage her to stay hydrated throughout the day by filling the bottle at water fountains whenever necessary.

Gum And Mints

Keep her backpack well-stocked with gum and mints. She certainly doesn’t want to have to worry about her breath all day!


Find out what calculator your daughter needs for her math class. Emphasize the importance of keeping the tool in good condition–if she breaks it, she will have to pay for a replacement.

Lip Balm, Blotting Papers, Feminine Care

Avoid chapped lip issues by adding her favorite lip balm to the backpack. Make soaking up excess oil from teen skin easy with blotting papers, and keep her prepared for that time of the month with tampons and pads.

What other items are teen girl backpack must-haves?