Activity Ideas For Toddlers

Need more ideas for keeping your toddler busy and stimulated? There’s plenty of fun options out there, most if not all of which help foster imagination and creativity in your little ‘uns. Check out the following ideas and help yourself raise one cool kid:

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“Leaping Lily Pond”

This fun idea has you placing pillows and other cushions around your living room so your toddler can leap from “lily pad to lily pad” much like a little froggy. This will keep your child busy for at least an hour, and also help wear him or her out for nap or bedtime.

Tin Foil Crown

Tin foil offers a number of fun and creative craft applications, including crowns. Make the crown with the help of your toddler and enjoy getting super-creative with embellishments such as sequins and faux jewels. Use hot glue so any embellishments aren’t easily pried off, and give it to your child to play with for the next few hours.

Cardboard Box Cars

The internet is chock-full of tutorials for cardboard box cars, including those sized for your children’s favorite stuffed toys…and those sized for your children! Create cars together and let them explore strange new worlds…such as your husband’s man cave. You can also simply give your toddler a cardboard box to draw on or turn into a little fort.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are never a dull time, and provide hours of creative exploration. Make sure the “treasures” are easily identifiable to your child, and turn your home into a cave for finding a variety of items.

Cotton Tip Painting

Q-tips make interesting substitutes for paintbrushes. Give your toddler some blank paper, paints, and plenty of Q-tips for a fun afternoon of making art. Use child-friendly paints for best results.

Sticker Art

In addition to paints, try giving your toddler tons of stickers to play with. Provide scrap paper as well and see what sticker art creations they come up with. Animal stickers, smiley face stickers, heart stickers, and nature stickers are merely a few options.

Fabric Scrap Fun

Fabric scraps are yet another option for hours of creative play. Have them play with the scraps as is, or use them in conjunction with stuffed toys. For example, the scraps could work as capes and scarves for plush toys attending a tea party!

These are merely a few ideas to work with! Have they inspired other fun ways to keep your toddler entertained?