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More Back-To-School Organization Ideas

Is there such thing as too many organization ideas? Doubtful! The ‘back to school’ period is always a bit chaotic, and with that in mind enjoy a few more organization tips to help you survive this hectic time. The more you get everything organized now, the fewer problems you will have when school actually starts!

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Days Of The Week Closet Organization

Purchase Days of the Week Closet organizers from online stores such as Uncommon Designs, or make them yourself. Whatever you decide to do, the ability to plan what they will wear every day is a huge help to kids and a fantastic time-saver for you.

Paperwork Organization

Create a filing system to organize school papers for each of your children. Purchase options from IHeart if you wish, or make your own (again). Create folders for work that has to be done now, as well as those for things due later in the week. Class syllabi and other papers can get their own folders as well.

Door Shoe Organizer Assistance

Use door shoe organizers to separate important school items and tools. Make labels and stick them in each pocket; use them to store glue sticks, pens, pencils, erasers, markers, crayons, colored pencils…you get the idea.

DIY Crayon Organizer Fun

Teach kiddies about the importance of reusing and recycling while creating a nice organizer for their crayons. Wrap clean tin cans in scrapbook paper–make one can blue, another green, another red, etc. Hot-glue them to a thin, narrow slab of sanded wood or other applicable material and allow to dry. Fill the finished product with crayons!

Cupcake Stand School Organizer

Use an old cupcake stand (another great way to teach about the importance of recycling) for school supplies. Place plastic or glass jars on the bottom of the stand and any lighter items that do not require containers on the top of the stand, such as tape or hand sanitizer. Fill the jars on the bottom of the stand with pens, pencils, scissors, erasers, post-it notes, and other supplies.

These are merely some of the creative ways to get your home organized for the new school year. The kids will love some if not all of the above ideas, so discuss which options they like best before moving forward. Asking them what they like most and making school supply organization fun is one of the many ways to get them excited about learning new things in the classroom.