Best Family Movies Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of this series! Check out more fantastic family movies to enjoy with those closest to you.

Best Family MOvies

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

The first installment of the movie versions of Harry Potter does not disappoint. Harry learns he is no ordinary boy, but a wizard invited to learn at the prestigious school Hogwarts. There Harry begins his education within the wizarding world, makes friends, and has plenty of fantastical adventures.


Fantasia is a 1940 Disney film filled with beautiful animation and wonderful songs. It is a treat for the entire family, and includes a few appearances by Mickey Mouse.

Freaky Friday

Mom and daughter simply cannot get along in Freaky Friday. A magical fortune cookie causes them to switch bodies…and learn a lot about each other’s lives and responsibilities.

It’s A Wonderful Life

The Frank Capra classic stars Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey, a man contemplating suicide after a series of misfortunes. An angel trying to get his wings helps George understand what the lives of everyone in his small town would be like if he had never been born–and how important his life truly is.

The Santa Clause

An advertising executive named Scott Calvin accidentally causes Santa to fall off his roof on Christmas Eve. He and his young son Charlie deliver presents as a result, with Scott inadvertently realizing he has assumed the role of St. Nick.

Pete’s Dragon

An orphan boy named Pete a has a best friend who dwells in the woods–a hulking dragon named Elliot! Pete has lived in the forest for six years with Elliot after the death of his parents, only to be discovered by a ranger named Grace. Pete tells Grace about Elliot, who takes a drawing of the creature to her father. Grace’s father sets to prove Elliot is real, as he had an encounter with the gentle beast many years before.
Enjoy watching these and other family films with the people you love!