Crazy-Simple Birthday Celebration Tips

Throwing a truly spectacular birthday for your child doesn’t have to cost you your savings account. There’s plenty of simple-yet-highly-effective options regarding birthday celebrations, any of which will have your kids remembering “that really awesome birthday” for years.

Check out a few ideas that won’t make your piggy bank sob:

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Special Foods

Create a “special food” birthday tradition. Allow the birthday baby dishes saved for special occasions only, such as chocolate-chip pancakes, stacks of grilled cheese, favorite ice cream, etc. Your child will feel extra important knowing birthday equals yummy, rarely-eaten foods.

Door Decor

Decorate the birthday child’s door with special messages and related decorations. Have each family member write a note and tape it to the door, and use decorations such as streamers, birthday signage, balloons, and anything else that fits.

“Experience” Gift

Give the gift of an experience! Ask the birthday boy or girl to think of something they’ve always wanted to try, such as (faux) rock climbing at the the local community center, go-kart racing, a day at an indoor trampoline park, and so on. Experience gifts are always welcome!

Theme Party

Throw a theme party without spending the child’s college fund. There’s plenty of broad options that lend themselves to all kinds of fun, such as a rainbow party or an ‘80s party. Talk to your child about themes and come up with something fun together.

“Easy” Foods

Provide “easy” yet tasty foods if throwing a party–after all, kids don’t care if it’s fancy, they just care if it tastes great! Finger foods and portioned options such as cupcakes are always excellent choices.

Goody Bags

Don’t spend a lot of money on candy for goody bags–candy is usually really expensive and only going to contribute to cavities among other health issues. There’s plenty of cheap stuff that works great as goody bag favors, such as those found at party stores. Think pencils, erasers, stickers, plastic rings, keychains, etc.


Have your child pick a few friends for a sleepover rather than throwing a full-blown party. This saves you money and is just as special as any other birthday celebration. Alternative ideas include a night at the movies or a lovely dinner out.

There’s plenty of ways to make a child’s birthday special without taking out loans or borrowing from family! Feel free to collect ideas from Pinterest and similar sites for extra inspiration.

Which simple birthday celebrations are your favorites?