DIY Backyard Race Track

Spring will be here soon enough, and with it the opportunity to enjoy many hours of backyard fun with the kids. Try the following DIY outdoor racetrack to provide your kids with a whole new way to race their lil cars and trucks.

What You Need

  • Same-size concrete stepping stones or similar flat stones (Look for rectangular ones to create a “road”)
  • White chalk
  • Square concrete stepping stones to create “parking lots”
  • Garden stones
  • Mulch
  • Toy race cars


Use a racetrack template printed from a craft website if needed to create your track. Place the square slabs on either side of the “track” and build the “road” from there. Make the track as intricate as you like depending on the amount of space you are working with and how many stepping stones you have.

Draw white road marks (dashes) in the middle of each rectangular stepping stone. Create marks on the square stepping stones to indicate parking lot spots. If you want, use yellow chalk to create “non-passing lanes” on your racetrack. Don’t forget to make a starting line as well.

Add garden stones as desired to further decorate the space. Mulch the area to create a soft cushion for kids to play on. Add any other outdoor embellishments you want, such as garden gnomes that serve as “onlookers.”

Finish the project by placing the toy cars. Put some in the parking lots, some at your starting line, and wherever else you see fit. Have your kids help you with this project or surprise them with it on a warm day. If you can create the track in a more hidden section of your property, you will give your kids a special place they can race their toy cars.

Anything else you would add to this project? Share your thoughts in the comments!