Fun Backyard Projects With Dad

Help your kids have an amazing time with their dad by suggesting one awesome backyard project after another. Most aren’t exactly weather-proof, but provide hours of entertainment for your kids…and the kid inside your husband. Check out the following ideas for the kids and dad (and you).

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Cardboard Maze

Have an assortment of cardboard boxes from your recent move, recent storage unit clean-out, etc? Use them to create an amazing maze in the backyard. Make it as long and intricate as you like depending on your resources and ambition! Create a game around it or simply use it as a fun backyard activity for your kids, their friends, and of course Dad. Use this tutorial to help you out, and feel free to make the maze as high as you want. If the maze is high enough you could pull a Renaissance Faire-style option….and give those wandering the maze the wrong directions!

Water Balloon Shooter

Is it crazy-hot outside? Do your family a favor and construct a water balloon shooter. Use it to launch water balloons of varying sizes to create a splash-tastic afternoon of fun. Your kids will giggle endlessly, and Dad will get a huge kick out of launching the balloons!


Okay, this is somewhat similar to the maze idea, but just as fun and awesome. Transform your backyard into a labyrinth of mythic proportions using the aforementioned cardboard, fallen tree branches, yard ornaments, fairy doors, and anything else you have. Take the idea a step further by telling your children stories of fairies and other creatures who live in the backyard (aka the idea behind M. Night Shamalyn’s Lady in the Water) and create a labyrinth that echos the story. Your kids will undoubtedly love the idea of myths, fairy stories, and legends existing in their own backyards.

Sports Area

Create a fantastic sports area in your backyard so your kids can enjoy hours of getting their sweat on with Dad (and again, with you if you like). If your backyard is big enough, create areas for soccer, basketball, badminton, baseball…get as creative as you want. Turn the driveway into a basketball court, the yard into a baseball diamond or soccer area…you get the idea. Fun, yes?

These are just some of the amazing backyard projects for kids to complete with you and your partner! Have fun, and remember….use your imagination!