Goofy & Cool Holidays To Celebrate With Kids, Part 1

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter—these may be the major holidays, but there’s dozens upon dozens of goofy holidays to celebrate every month! Check out some of the seemingly-endless “holidays” to choose from–kids will love it!

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Trivia Day

Play trivia games on January 4th, or Trivia Day. Dig out Trivial Pursuit and any other trivia games you can find.

Winnie The Pooh Day

Celebrate Winnie The Pooh Day on January 18th. Set up displays with any Winnie The Pooh toys, books, and memorabilia you have, read Winnie The Pooh & The House At Pooh Corner, watch animated versions of the famous children’s stories.

Random Acts Of Kindness Day

Encourage your kids to be extra kind on Random Acts of Kindness Day, aka February 17th. Make a list of kind things to do that day, such as helping with chores, opening doors for people, doing yard work without being told to, volunteering with local nonprofit organizations, walking the neighbor’s dog, and more.

Learn What Your Name Means Day

Help your children discover what each of their names’ mean on Learn What Your Name Means Day (March 5th). Your children will love finding out the origins of their names!

World Storytelling Day

Tell favorite stories on March 20th, or World Storytelling Day. Pull favorite books from bookshelves at home or the local library and spend a few hours reading. Your kids can take turns reading their favorite books out loud if they want.

National Siblings Day

Ask your kids what they love about their siblings on National Siblings Day (April 10th). Encourage them to do kind things for each other and think about why their relationships are so special.

World Environment Day

Spend the day performing “green” tasks on June 5th, or World Environment. Hand out rubber gloves for picking trash and recyclables off the street and in local parks, plant trees, flowers, and shrubs, reuse various items to make art or toys, etc.

Look for Part 2 of this series for more great holidays to celebrate!