Helping Baby Sleep: 6 Tips

Getting your baby to sleep through the night is a challenge every parent faces, and while you may have more than a few sleepless nights in your future, there’s plenty of sleep tips that will help your lil bundle remain unconscious until morning. Review the following tips and enjoy much longer bouts of rest:

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Comfort Is Key

Ensuring your baby’s comfort is key in promoting restful sleep, because if Baby isn’t comfy, you’ll know about it via incessant wailing. No two babies like to sleep the exact same way, and while most newborns prefer swaddling, others do not like it. At all. In the same vein some babies enjoy cooler temperatures and others like it warm. Experiment until you come up with a solution that puts Baby right to sleep.

Sound Is Helpful

After spending nine months occupying the womb, a baby isn’t going to enjoy total silence. Babies hear outside noises while taking up womb space, so providing your newborn with a little background noise is welcome and familiar. Use a fan, radio static, a noise machine…again, you may have to experiment until you figure out what your baby really likes.

Darkness Is Necessary

Keeping the baby’s room dark promotes sleep, particularly in the morning when you’re trying to sleep another hour before getting up for work. Use blackout shades to create a very dark room that allows Baby to sleep much longer in the morning.

Full Tummies Are Essential

Some moms feed babies about every hour in the evenings to keep tummies full before bedtime. You may find this works in helping your baby sleep, however there’s another option called dream feeding. This involves waking your baby up right before you go to sleep for a quick meal. Your baby is barely be awake, but still feeds and subsequently stays asleep longer.

Beverage Choice Is Imperative

Avoiding caffeinated beverages is a good idea while breastfeeding. Some babies don’t mind a little caffeine in their breast milk, however it keeps others awake for hours, even if it’s just a small dose. If your baby isn’t sleeping well, examine how much caffeine you’ve had lately.

Overtired Babies Are Unhappy Babies
Think keeping your baby awake for longer periods of time will result in sleeping through the night? Overtired babies do not fall asleep easily, but they will be fussy and irritable. Make naps and bedtimes a priority in your house to sidestep this issue.