Are your kids bored? Whether they’re finished their homework and have down time before dinner, are wondering what to do on the weekends, or need holiday break activities, review the following ideas. You will never have to hear “Mom, I’m BORED!” ever again!

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Explore Nature

Explore the backyard, nearby park, or other natural area together as long as the weather permits. Go geocaching if you want and hunt for various stones, or collect fallen leaves. Try to identify plants and animals together, and otherwise instill a love of nature in your children.

Make Play Dough

Scour the internet for DIY play dough recipes to make together. Children will not only have fun making the play dough, they get to use it for make-believe stores, tea parties…you get the idea.

Visit The Local Library

Visit the local library to find new children’s books and old favorites. Spend some time reading at the library or check books out. Introduce other materials available at the library to your children as well, such as magazines, newspapers, and videos.

Build A Fort

Use the living room/den couches and a whole bunch of sheets to make a fort. Create a fort that takes over one room and spills into another if you desire so the kids can have fun “tunneling” through the house. They might even want to have their own little fort “sections” that includes some of their toys or games.

Make Sandwiches

Make a variety of sandwiches together and deliver them to the local homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or food pantry. Use the activity to teach your children the value of helping others who are less fortunate. They will also enjoy a deeper appreciation for what they have, such as loving parents and a roof over their heads!

Look for Part 2 of this series!