Kitchen Activities For Kids By Age

Help your children learn their way around the kitchen by getting them involved in cooking and baking projects from an early age. Use the following guide to assist you in giving your kiddies age-appropriate tasks while also fostering a love of cooking and healthy eating.

Preschool (Ages 2 to 5)

  • Stirring batter in bowls
  • Pouring liquid ingredients
  • Helping make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • Rinsing and straining fruits and veggies
  • Cutting soft fruits with a butter or plastic knife
  • Using cookie cutters
  • Mashing cooked veggies

Elementary School (Ages 6 to 10)

  • Frosting cupcakes
  • Icing cookies
  • Whisking eggs
  • Grating cheese with a box or hand grater
  • Using a can opener
  • Peeling vegetables and fruits
  • Melting chocolate in a microwave
  • Boiling pasta and eggs
  • Whipping cream with a hand mixer

Middle School (Ages 11-13)

  • Slicing and trimming veggies
  • Making soup
  • Frying hamburgers and veggie burgers
  • Using a waffle maker
  • Using a panini press
  • Baking quick muffins
  • Kneading dough
  • Working with thermometers and timers
  • Steaming rice
  • Making pancakes on a griddle
  • Making smoothies and shakes in a blender
  • Using a food processor

High School (Ages 14-18)

  • Using kitchen appliances safely
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances
  • Working on knife skills, such as dicing
  • Marinating foods
  • Grilling meats, such as chicken and steak
  • Using outdoor charcoal or gas grills
  • Cleaning outdoor grills
  • Baking more complex pastries
  • Making more complex soups and stews
  • Making homemade pizza
  • Helping with pasta recipes
  • Using a crock pot

Teach your kids responsibility, the importance of contributing to the household, and why it’s necessary to help others with these and other age-appropriate kitchen tasks. Get your kids used to helping out around the house from an early age to raise helpful children who understand why contributing to the family is essential.

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