Help your preschool or kindergarten-age child learn the alphabet by engaging the little ‘un in assorted letter activities. The internet is full of fantastic activity options that help each letter of the alphabet resonate with your kiddie. Take a look at a mere few of the many creative ideas available.

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Alphabet Animals

Start a project concerning every letter in the alphabet…with animals! Make paper animals using paper plates, toilet paper rolls, construction paper, yarn, googly eyes, etc. For example, make an alligator or an anteater for the letter “A,” a boa constrictor for the letter “B,” a cat for the letter “C,” a dog for the letter “D,” and so on. Spread the project out over a few weeks or month to keep letters fresh in the minds of your younglings.


Construct a mobile that features dangling letters of the alphabet. Use a wire hanger or other applicable “base” and make the letters out of construction paper, cardstock, or craft foam. Have the kids decorate the letters if they want, such as covering some in glitter glue and drawing fun patterns and designs on others. Use yarn to string the letters to the mobile base.

Scavenger Hunt Fun

Create a scavenger hunt around the letters of the alphabet. Instruct the kids to find objects that correlate with the letters they are “given,” such as acorns for the letter A, leaves for the letter L, and so on. Kids will love hunting for their letter objects!

Play Dough Activity

Give the kids cookie cutters in assorted letter shapes for play dough fun. They’ll learn plenty about the alphabet as they take turns “cutting out” letters from the play dough.

Try these and other fun letter activities with your little ones! Make learning fun and exciting…it always works wonders!