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Capture the fun of drawing on a mist filled surface with Misty Baby. Consider yourself warned: the second I gave this app to my young niece and nephew I knew I wouldn’t be getting my iPhone back any time soon.

Misty Baby comes with several preloaded images of babies and a selection of audio tracks of babies cooing, laughing, crying and otherwise doing what babies do. The fun of this app comes when your little one starts touching the screen, rubbing away the mist to reveal the picture underneath. As they wipe away the film, the baby in the picture begins to make sounds. I defy anyone to try not to smile and laugh while that happens. It’s just too cute for words.

The app’s input options are customizable, and, happily, so are the photos and recordings. Misty Baby is really special because you can use photos from your camera roll (or take a new one on the spot) and create custom recordings. Now your child can wipe away the mist to reveal friends, relatives or even their own face. The results are priceless.

Misty Baby is an interesting new way to keep the photos of your loved ones close to you, and integrate a little bit of fun into the images. It’s also rather soothing to swipe away the mist, just like a window on a chilly morning.

For a limited time Misty Baby is available for free in the iTunes app store. You have nothing to lose by trying this adorable app.

Bottom line

Misty Baby is extremely customizable and fun for kids (big and small). It’s also a stellar value and the sharing options are a nice touch.

Brief Description:
“Misty Baby is an iPhone application which fills the unlimited fun on the iPhone. The Baby is completely filled with early morning mist (so you cant identify baby),
but when you rub the mist and touch baby body, when you tickle me… be ready to hear baby cute voice… Baby will laugh, giggle, weep, some time talk with my funny voice…
Also you can control the water drops over baby body using the Accelerometer, record your own voice, add the photos, more fun with giggle and chorus features, adjust water drops.”


Just rub the mist on the body of the cute baby and start hearing the cute baby voice.
Chorus and giggle features makes the surrounding more fun.
Add the photos and set as background. Record the voice and play along.
Shake the device to fill the mist, it fills as if its real mist.
Ultimate mist graphics, you just feel your device as another wintery season glass.
Make your device max use – Muti touch, Micro phone, camera, accelerometer, speakers

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