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Remember is a great app for helping retain that newly learned language.  With Remember, users can benefit from a language tool that helps them remember those words they keep forgetting – perfect for those learning a new language!  I thought that this app had a novel idea, and one that would be very beneficial for those learning a foreign language.  Honestly, the app would be great for learning/retaining new words in your native language as well!

With Remember, all you need to do is type a word in your native language or the one you want to learn.  Then, your words will be added to your learning cards where you can play a “Memory-style” game.  Users can learn up to 200 new useful words every month.  The app uses a personalized approach to help you learn words the way you need to learn.

Users can translate words, create their own dictionary and improve their vocabulary with a simple to use format.  I love how the app can be used for just a few minutes a day and still produce results!  If you or someone in your family is learning a new foreign language, I would definitely recommend checking out Remember!

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