Siri Does Math! Four Ways to Put Her to Work

If you’ve had your iPhone or iPad for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly had some experience with Siri, Apple’s built-in personal assistant that can be summoned by pressing and holding the Home key on the front of your iDevice. Siri can perform hundreds of tasks and answer thousands upon thousands of questions, including math problems. Whether you’re checking a homework assignment or trying to figure out how much of a tip to leave your restaurant server, here are four ways you can put Siri’s math wizardry to work for you.

Convert measurements

Cookbooks used to have a chart in the appendix that could help you to figure out simple conversions, like how many ounces are in a cup. With more and more of us getting our recipes from the internet instead of Betty Crocker, though, these helpful charts are harder to find.

Siri converts measurements

Thankfully, Siri can easily convert measurements for you. Press and hold the Home key to call up Siri, then ask your question in natural language.

Figure out a tip

Love it or hate, tipping is a part of life in the service industry. If you eat out, hail a cab or take the family on a cruise, you’ll need to figure out just how much money to leave behind as a courtesy tip.

Make quick and easy work of this task with Siri.

Siri figuring out tip

And if you don’t know what percentage of tip you should leave, you can ask Siri that, too.

Calculate math problems

square root question

From the simple to the complicated, Siri is a math whiz. You can rattle off nearly any math equation and Siri will spit back results that will astound you. Great for checking homework assignments!

square root answer

Define math terms

what is a square root

On the days that your brain is off on vacation and you can’t remember what a square root is, let alone work out how to find the answer, call Siri up to the rescue.

square root answer