10 YouTube Channels That Will Help Your Kids With Math

Math is one of those subjects that sometimes gives parents fits when it comes to helping the kids with the homework! Maybe math was never your strong suit in the first place, or perhaps you have been out of math class long enough to become rusty.

Whatever the case may be, you can find the help that your child needs (or that you need!) at your fingertips over on YouTube! Here’s a look at some of the very best math channels that can help your kids with math.

General Math Help for All Ages

The Video Math Tutor

Luis Anthony Ast, AKA The Video Math Tutor, has amassed an astounding collection of explainer videos for nearly any math topic at hand. His unique presentation style is sure to engage students of nearly any age, but will be particularly powerful with preteens and teenagers. The Video Math Tutor uses lots of special effects and music to turn math videos into spectacles, such as spoofs on movie trailers.

The topics range from those needed for early elementary students, such as simple counting and computation, to those needed for prealgebra and high school math students, such as formulas from geometry and how to solve linear equations. Just for fun, the creator has also included math jokes, brain teasers, and more.  Some videos are free to watch, and others are teasers for full length lessons that can be “rented” for a small fee.

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Math Mammoth

Join creator Maria Miller as she clarifies math topics ranging from telling time to the hour through measures of central tendency and beyond. Her videos are very clear and exceptionally good for explaining challenging concepts; they have the feel of a teacher in a classroom since she makes good use of a whiteboard as she discusses each skill.

Math Mammoth’s YouTube Channel is one part of a large collection of supporting math materials, from practice worksheets to entire curricula that the author offers for sale on the companion website. The entire product is a great resource, particularly for homeschooling families or parents who want to help kids surge ahead with math over summer vacation.

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Khan Academy

Over three million subscribers must be on to something here.  Khan Academy is a large educational system that offers something for everyone, including an extensive collection of math videos.  In fact, there are a number of related channels, and you may need to explore them to find exactly the right level that you need.  For example, there is a subchannel called Khan Academy Early Math that covers such topics as counting and computation, as well as a subchannel devoted to mastering the math that students encounter on the SAT and other high school level standardized tests at Khan Academy New SAT.

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Math Antics

Here’s a site that is just right for middle and younger high school students, with a smattering of help for elementary students who are ahead in math, and appropriate help for teens who are lagging a bit behind their peers.  The videos tackle one concept at a time, with entertaining animations and sound effects.

Topics covered in the collection include volume, fractions, functions, coordinate planes, and polynomials.  There are dozens and dozens of videos providing hours of instructional time, so if your student needs help with pre-algebra or algebraic concepts, this is definitely a channel to consider.

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Math Videos for High School Topics

Math TV

Pat McKeague, high school math teacher and textbook author, has created a huge set of explainer videos tackling topics from various levels of high school math, from algebra on up through calculus and beyond. The videos are short and sweet versions of math class, each tackling one and only one concept and explaining it thoroughly, and only lasting from three to ten minutes.

Mr. McKeague has posted sequential lessons that will help students who get to a tough part of their school curriculum, or that can stand alone as a complete curriculum on their own.  Each is well-illustrated and carefully explained, so students should have no trouble understanding if they begin with the level where they understand the concepts, and let the information build to the skill that they are having trouble with.

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Patrick JMT

Patrick JMT is a community college math teacher who is sharing short skills videos designed to help high school and early college students with math concepts. He has uploaded dozens of videos, mostly about challenging math concepts such as Matrices and Integrals of Rational Functions, but also including simpler topics such as complex long division.

One special attribute of the videos on this site is that there are test taking tips embedded right in the videos. The teacher clearly explains strategies such as estimation and elimination of incorrect responses to help students improve their test-taking prowess while they improve their overall math skills.

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3 Blue 1 Brown

This channel presents a unique take on math education in that it strives to animate the math concepts to help learners visualize them.  The videos are hugely visually appealing and very motivating to watch, and the creator’s notion that math is nothing less than art shines through very clearly.

In addition to explainer videos on topics from linear algebra, calculus, and more, the author has also posted some interesting and entertaining videos that explore the more offbeat mathematical topics, such as fractals and the connections between math and the real world, such as 256-bit encryption.

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Math Videos for Elementary Students

Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids

Young students will be engaged and amazed with this collection of 3D animated math videos covering preschool and early elementary concepts in math. Help your children discover numbers, computation, telling time, and much, much more as they learn foundational concepts that will prepare them for more complex learning in later grades.

The videos from this site are clear and entertaining, and designed to grab and hold youngsters’ attention. The illustrations are well-designed to show the concept being reviewed, and the animations add to the presentation.

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Brain Candy TV

Brain Candy TV offers a selection of motivating educational videos that includes an extensive math video playlist. The videos are designed for preschoolers and young elementary students, featuring monster trucks and Lizzy the Dog.

Topics covered include learning numbers, counting, and simple computation. The videos have a television feel to them, and kids will love the themes. Unlike many channels, these are designed to appeal to young boys as well as the girls, so check them out!

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Kids Educational Games

This wide-ranging educational site includes a collection of 28 animated math videos covering elementary math topics such as counting, computation, fractions, percents, and measures of central tendency. The cute videos are animated and colorful, and feature clever animal characters that explain concepts and play games.

Young elementary children will appreciate the real-world connections that the videos make between math concepts and the everyday world, such as adding groups of seeds when planting a garden. One nice feature is that videos do a good job of explaining important conceptual vocabulary that will lay foundations in math for later learning. For example, one video explains the meaning of words such as “compare” and “approximate.”

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